Sayonara, 2018

It might be a bit cliched to do one of these summaries, but like it’s predecessor, 2018 has packed a wallop. Last year had more downs than ups, this year is more balanced. -Yay! Also, I could have sworn I’d already posted this a while back…

For starters, Mr Ozzy got the all clear! No more ear infections or other nasties for us! A truly miraculous recovery, one which we are thankful for, but honestly didn’t expect.

Last summer was spent going through all the accumulated emotional baggage with a fine toothed comb, trying to recover from 2017. Hopefully this work has laid a solid foundation for an ace 2019!


In order to keep ol’ Ozzy company while I’m attending the next point in the list, I went and got a new kittun! She’s mad as a box of frogs, and a true adventurer. Like her companion, it’s nigh impossible to get her to sit still for a picture (unless she’s fast asleep), even when you try to be quick about it. Having been with us now for a few months, Ozzy is getting bolder (though still very wary about strangers), and seems to have settled in to our little home.

As the year entered its final leg, I managed to land a job at a local university. Which means a fixed income and no worries about paying next month’s bills or having to do accounting myself. -Pure bliss. A whole bag of worries evaporated; one step closer to peace of mind.

To offset the positivity that had accumulated, dad fell ill yet again, this time while on holiday in Spain. After a week in hospital, he was finally allowed to come back home, albeit with a few extra grays in tow.

annie_1_smlLast, but not least, I sold the horse. 😦

A very mixed bag of feelings, the decision was in the hope that it’s mutually beneficial. My health doesn’t allow keeping a horse full time, and she needs to be challenged. The heavy burden and responsibility fell to me to find someone suited to take her on the next leg of her journey. Weeks of interviews, trials and more time spent on a phone than I care to admit passed, but I’m confident that the new situation will work out for the best. She’s off to a lovely family who has plenty of experience with horses and aren’t shy of seeking help. I was happy with the chemistry and interactions between horse and riders, so she left the yard in time for Christmas.

I was going to do a neat little slide show with all the pictures taken last year, but there weren’t actually that many taken. Could have sworn I did more!

So this marks the end of a lot of things, but also opens doors for so much more.

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