Quick update =^.^=

Summer riding camp came and went, and my Asperger’s decided to give me an unannounced meltdown, so any time not on a horse was spent in solitude, desperately trying to recover some energy. I was hoping to do one of my usual write ups of this course, but I ended up with nary a note, some useless GoPro footage and no photos. 😦

Am starting work again in September, so am spending as much time as possible finishing off odd jobs that have been left neglected around the flat, so everything’s running smoothly for when the daily grind starts up.

The extreme heat across Europe has caused crops to die and forests to burn, which is really disturbing. Also crops are at a record low, doubling the horse’s feed bill this winter.

In the mean time, I’m having fun making some more doll clothes, this time 1:3 scale, as opposed to 1:6 as I usually do. It’s a super fun learning experience, as it opens the door for a more detailed, realistic style of clothing with a bigger doll. There are loads of kinks to work out in certain patterns, but it’s all part of the fun.

Keisuke with a much needed cuppa



The current ‘victim’ is a Crimson Kai from Smart Doll, this one I named Keisuke.

Several mock-ups of clothing have been done, most of which are duds.  -More on that in a future post!




Anyways! Hope you’re all not melting away in the heat.. Speak soon! ^^

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