Summer camp: Academic Art of Riding

It’s that time of year, where the annual 4-day clinic in Academic Art of Riding with Monika Sanders takes place at our yard.

I’ve been riding regularly for Monika for the last four years, though usually only on her week end clinics. Having other instructors as my main source, with Monika’s week ends every 6 months as a top up, we decided to try something new this year. -Just to see where it took us. So this is our first time participating at this clinic, and I’m super excited! 6 practical lessons, and 4 theoretical in 4 days. I smell knowledge and quality feedback coming our way!

Normally, we train hard for these courses, to ID as many problem areas as possible before getting some much needed tuition. This year, the summer has been very long and very hot. It’s been hovering around 30 degrees since the end of May, and we’ve had so little rain that crops are failing everywhere (I’m sure anyone in Europe who’s involved with livestock are aware of the desperate feed shortage). Also, high temps mean that the ol’ horse butt isn’t particularly interested in working out. -Neither am I, for that matter. It gets somewhat cooler in the evenings, but not by much. So training sessions have been kept short and sweet, with riding kept to a bare minimum, and often we’ve just gone for a walk in the woods with me on foot instead.

We had a super-quick training session this evening, followed by a quick sprint up the hill back to her buddies. ^^


Anyways! The clinic starts today and finishes up on Sunday afternoon, hopefully I should have some details and pictures to share later on. =)


In action, January 2017



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